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God Adjusted My Back (No Really!)

God adjusted my back (No Really!). This last weekend I was at the Convergence conference in OKC. The venue is what you’d expect and the seats, unfortunately, were less than desirable. Small, hard, and plastic. They were slightly contoured, but for my 6’3” 240lb frame they weren’t going to be comfortable. Honestly, I’ve become accustomed to uncomfortable chairs. It’s one of the few drawbacks of being a larger framed man. I posted this to Facebook on Friday at 3:02 p.m. “That awkward moment you’re at a healing conference and wonder if you should get prayer for your back or a larger more comfortable chair. lol”

After the final worship set that evening, Matt Chandler was set to speak. Sam Storms, of Bridgeway Church OKC, came to the stage. He said that what he was about to do he had never done in all of his years of ministry, but after wrestling with God for the last 30 minutes he gave in. He asked everyone who was sick, ill or hurting to stand up and then began to rebuke various diseases, illnesses, and pains, in the name of Jesus. I was standing there, my back still hurting, thinking, “Come on Sam, aren’t you going to say anything about back pain?” Shortly after this thought went through my mind, something happened that I didn’t expect. From the stage, he spoke directly against back pain in the name of Jesus. At that moment, my lower back instantly tightened, my pelvis and shoulders involuntarily rolled slightly forward, and I felt four distinct “pops” work their way up my lower back… The pain was gone. I sat down, and on Friday, Sept. 27th, 2019 at 7:58 p.m. I texted my wife, “My back may have just been healed…”

All praise to Jesus.

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